Thursday, October 11, 2012

West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls

I've mentioned in the past that when it comes to food in West Virginia, about 80% falls into one of four categories:
  1. Buscuits
  2. Hot Dogs (dressed with chili and slaw)
  3. fried
  4. pulled pork BBQ
The other 20% consists mostly of football game type foods (College football is a way of life here) and pepperoni rolls. You can literally find pepperoni rolls in every gas station checkout, they are that popular. In this house they are literally consumed by the fistful, I make them 24-36 at a time and they rarely last more than two days.

West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls

You Need:
-Bag of frozen yeast dinner rolls (I use just regular Kroger brand)
-bag of pepperoni (I prefer hormel)
-block of mozerella

Step One:
Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray and place frozen rolls as you would cookies leaving space for growth (I fit 12 per sheet) spray plastic wrap with cooking spray, cover rolls, and allow them to thaw/rise for 2 hours.

Step Two:
cut the block of cheese into 24 equal pieces and sandwich between pepperoni (I use 3 pepperoni on each side with a total of 6 pepperoni in each roll)

Step Three:
press the pepperoni/cheese sandwiches into the center of the thawed roll and fold the dough up and around until it is completely encased. 

Step Four:
place rolls back on the cookie sheet and recover with plastic wrap and allow to rise again 

once they have puffed up nicely (usually a couple hours) pop them into the oven according to instructions on the roll package.

once the rolls are cooled store them in a gallon size ziplock bag.



  1. My family comes from West Virginia since the 1700's and we have never made pepperoni rolls like this, but I'm willing to try. We do use cheese and sauce for dipping.

    1. I'm an Italian who married a WV boy lol its rare I cook anything without cheese of some sort, this may not be traditional but I definitely enjoy the cheese element in the pepperoni rolls

  2. Went to school in family lives in W Va...I never put cheese in pepperoni rolls..sauce on side for dipping if wanted.

  3. the best pepperoni rolls in Morgantown come from Chicos Bakery and have pepperjack cheese! my fav!