Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Southern Pulled Pork BBQ

I am a central Illinois girl born and raised who married a good old West Virginia boy.  Moving to this Wild and Wonderful state was quite an adjustment for me and not just because they seem to speak a different language.
*sidenote, did you know when you go to the grocery store in the south you put groceries in a buggy not a you do, you are welcome*
About 80% of food here in the south seems to fall into one of four categories:

1) Biscuits
2) Hot Dogs (dressed with chili and slaw)
3) fried
4) pulled pork BBQ

Here in West-By-God they take these four categories very seriously, almost as seriously as they do their college football. Of course everyone here has a family recipe for pulled pork BBQ that has been passed down for generations that usually requires 48 hours of prep/cooking in fact my husbands family has an amazing one that I might be persuaded to share at a later time but for now I am going to share my simple Southern Boy approved Pulled Pork BBQ recipe that requires only two ingredients that are more than likely already in your pantry.

it's ok to drool....I won't tell

You will need:
-2 lb Pork Butt Roast (this is the best to use, but any pork roast i am sure will work)
- bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (if you have a favorite BBQ in your house, use that, but being an Illinois girl, there is no other BBQ sauce than SBR)
-can of pineapple slices

*This recipe is for a two pound roast,with larger roasts you may need to double up on ingredients.*

 Step One:
Grab your crock pot and add roast, bottle of BBQ sauce and one BBQ bottle full of water (empty bottle then fill with water and pour in)

 Step Two:
Set crock pot on high and let cook for around 4-6 hours until roast falls apart with fork.

 Step Three:
shred roast with fork and add can of pineapple (undrained), let mingle for at least an hour then ladle out into a serving dish leaving excess liquid and pineapple in crock pot , I then pour this sauce into a freezer bag with a bag of Armour meat balls and freeze for a future meal :)

That's it! I have not made this as a freezer meal yet but I will soon and I will be sure to post an update and let you know how it goes.

 ENJOY Y'ALL!!  (that means everyone)

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