Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flipped Curtains

I realize that this is a cooking blog so in theory I should only be posting cooking stuff but I am a rebel and its my blog so I can do what I want  :) This is first and foremost a mommy blog. I have other super powers besides cooking so I may post my little tips or tricks here from time to time.  Today's blog delves into one of my favorite things...decorating. We are in the process of trying to sell our house so this week and next week I am doing little repairs to prepare for an open house (fresh coats of paint, changing the switch plates, spray painting the vent covers etc.) Since painting Miss Lily's room last year I had not purchased curtains for her window, she had blinds and it was not a necessary expense but it did leave it looking a bit blah.I found a pair of pink tab top valances that used to hang in Emme's room that matched Lily's room perfectly, there was only one problem...Lily's curtain rod was just one of those cheapie ones, not exactly attractive with tab top curtains. the saying goes...when life gives you lemons...add sparkle!

Here is what I started with:

Regular pink tab top valance
Cheapo curtain rod

Note the thick hem at the bottom of the valance, this made covering up that cheapo curtain rod simple but then I was left with the tab tops hanging down. Mind you, this didn't  look awful but I had horrible visions of people walking through my house and thinking 'what kind of doofus doesn't know how to hang a tab top valance? I'm certainly not buying this place, who knows what else she has screwed up' and then we would never sell our house...all because of a curtain. SO I just decided I needed to make those tabs look intentional. I made the short trip to Lowes and picked up a couple packs of replacement chandelier crystal prisms (these were less than $5 a pack)
Now here is what you do:

STEP ONE open up the hanging wire at the top of the prism, pinch the bottom closed to secure the prism and bend the top up and to the side so it looks like a coat hanger.
You want to bend the hook to the side so when you lace it through the tab your crystal hangs facing forward
STEP TWO thread the hook through the tab pinching and gathering the fabric until you are through then bend the wire closed around the tab.

And here is what you end up with:
perfect...well except for my crappy lighting

Now if the house doesn't sell I know it isn't because of the curtains! :)

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